About Me

chrisGreetings. My name’s Chris and I’m currently on permanent vacation here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I love the snow, that’s why!

Here’s a few more things about me, if you care…

What I do
My job is in the field of communications, marketing, IT and journalism. Specifically, at work my badge says… webmaster and marketing design manager. Ahem!!! But I also do fun stuff like audio and video production and things I’d do during my free time. It’s a blessing to be paid for your hobby, I tell ya!

What I am
On the personal side, I’m a creative creature; an all around artist who enjoys everything from making music to shooting photographs to cooking in the kitchen. I dunno, my life just seems to be fuller and healthier with a dose of art injected into it. It’s like a drug or something. I’m expressive… especially when I don’t have to do it in person. No, that’s not really true. But I do love the idea of journaling. It’s a good outlet. For years, I have had my journal written (and typed) anywhere and everywhere. I’ve lost most of them. That’s why the web is a good place to keep them now. It’s now organized and readily accessible.

What I believe
I despise religiosity. Let me get that out of my system first. Nope, not religion. Just religiosity. As in a holier than thou attitude. But I live a transparent and unlegalistic spiritual life. Yes, I have faith in God. Yes, I’m a Christian and darn proud of it! I don’t mind being an open book. For that, I am very grateful indeed. It allows me to attain freedom, as well as a greater level of contentment, gratitude, hope and tolerance. Believe me, they come in handy in a lot of ways.

I believe that vulnerability and humility are the most powerful forces in the universe. When you’re surrendered, there is victory; a place of peace and a sense of eternal reach. In fact, it’s the most courageous thing you can ever do! But to work on these attributes is an uphill climb, dagnabit! This, I consistently relearn every single day. So, if you’re so inclined… may the force be with you.

What I enjoy
On a lighter note, my interests are obviously in the creatives department. I love music and, in fact, have had a semi-career in it in the past. I love to write and record songs, play guitar and other instruments. On the visual side, I’m into digital art. I like to shoot pictures, create and design graphic images. Stuff like that. I also dabble into cooking, although I’m afraid I’m a little less creative in this department than on the others. But I love it, nonetheless.

And when I’m just lazing around (which is the case as of late), I like to watch CNN and shows from the Food Network, Animal Planet, the History, Discovery and Travel channels. I like to learn. To discover. To be taught. Heck, to be proven wrong even. If anything, it sure justifies my time lazing around. 🙂

What’s with this blog
Besides my interest in writing things down for the sake of writing things down, I have to admit, this blogging business is also quite helpful by way of healing the mind, the heart and the soul. And the fact that the entire planet has access to it at any time makes it even more effective. At least, for me, this is true. And to put things down in writing is as much a relief and satisfaction as my creating artwork.

This journal is, in more ways than one, an escape. It also enables me to look in the mirror and see who I am at a given moment. It’s where I laugh and cry, reminisce and daydream, even run and hide, as a matter of fact!

In other words, this blog is my idea of a pain reliever; a warm cup of green tea, so to speak. At the same time, it’s also a rock and roll anthem with fists flying in the air.;a dingy bar in a shady part of town; a twin turbo engine with an oil leak. Uh huh, I could go on and on…

Yes, it may be a little dark in here at times. But no worries. I got me a big ‘ol flashlight! It’s gonna be alright, I promise.

So, welcome, my friends. This is my life… declassified.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It seems we have more in common aside from a strained relationship with math and a passion for music. I’ll be dropping by again, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Wow, Lizzie… I am honored. A talented servant of music visiting my site. That should inspire my guitar-teaching ventures even more. 🙂

  2. An artist, I should have known. I’m one of those too. Music specifically. It seems you’re a little bit ahead of me is personal growth though. Nice blog, nice about me. I’m glad someone so down to earth is on here. Good luck with the art.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I may have experienced a lot, but they only prove that I had barely scratched the surface.

    And such is life, my friend. 🙂

  3. I love your take on spirituality; it touched me and spoke to that part of me that continually cries out to remind me that I’m not where I should/want to be.

    Thank you. There is comfort to be found in not being where we should/want to be. It keeps us constantly sobered, and on our toes. And, that’s a good thing, I think.


  4. Hey I should have read this before. Sounds like the blogging is working for you too. I haven’t been ready to tell my story yet, or at least not ready for others to read it. My about page needs a lot of help.

    Mine’s not really a story. Just a description of who I am. Today.

  5. Hello there. Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed reading your posts. Will be back. 😉

    Thank you. Please do. 🙂

  6. Hey Chris,

    How are you? It is great to see you are doing well. Are you still performing? I miss singing with you.
    We had some great times,

    Happy Holidays

    Hey Cris! Good to hear from you. It’s definitely been awhile. I’ll shoot you an email soon. Hang tight.

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