The trouble with flatlining

Real quick… I just have to play Queen’s Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon. Because it’s exactly what I’m doing, right this moment. Besides, I love a good quirky tune on a snowy day. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. But, that’s the point. 🙂

Anyhow, I just got done watching the old movie Flatliners. Although, I’m sure, it’s not the most appealing choice for some folks, I still like it much. If only, due to its spiritual undertones. Besides, it’s entertaining to watch supposedly witty people make witless decisions and then, pay for them later. In movies, that is.

bleepAlso, I was reading some random blog somewhere yesterday about the benefits of blindness. It’s interesting to note that there are, indeed, things we’ll never be able to see, unless we’re blind. Especially, if blind from birth. Though, how ironic, I thought. I can only imagine the otherworldly experiences of such people. Their visual alternatives to what we’re accustomed to seeing in plain view, can only be sheer fantasy to us. The light that shines through their “dark” world can never be compared to the one we’re typically acquainted with. I venture to think that, it’s a little more complex than a mere flick of a light switch. Or, even the break of dawn creeping in through a bedroom window.

My thoughts on this led me to believe that, there are reasons why we’re not able to see or experience certain things we wish we could. Maybe, it’s because it’s for our own safety. Or others’ safety, for that matter. Or maybe, it’s not yet time. Or even yet, we don’t deserve such pleasure. And perhaps, these same types of reasoning can also apply to why we’re seeing things we’d rather be blind to. It could also be that we’re simply being taught a lesson. Or something.

All I can muster at the moment is that, no one is in control of anything in this world. Not even our very lives, in fact. And playing God, or flatlining, if you will, is like bungee jumping, or doing other crazy stunts like it. You’ll never know until you try, right? Of course. And, it may be the thrill of a lifetime. Yet, it may also be the last one. And, being cautious doesn’t guarantee anything, really. I mean, do you ever know for sure? You decide for yourself.

Having freewill can be both a blessing and a curse. My choices are my own responsibility. Still, one way or another, we all have to make our own. It’s a scary little proposition. But one we’re all bound to initiate individually, sooner or later.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work for me. There will be decisions to be made. Dilemmas to be solved. Facts to be dealt with. It’s life. Would I like the outcome? Would I agree? I think so. Gee, maybe I don’t know. Hopefully. We’ll see.

Right now, though, I’m simply enjoying a little break. For it won’t last very long. It’s a little gift. So, I’m savoring every moment of pleasure… just lazing on a Sunday afternoon.