Fat Fee Diet

Uhmm, ‘scuse me… that’ll be $25 please… for being (ahem!) overweight, this month.

fatandhappyAnother news of the weird today, people! The State of Alabama is now penalizing employees found guilty of committing the hideous crime of obesity. But then again, this could be a good thing, y’know? Some of us do need a little kick in the flabby side, for our own sake. So yeah, why not? Besides, a little change in diet never hurt anyone. So, I’m all for it! Let’s do it! Go Alabama go!

However, does that mean I should cut back further on my already “reasonably modest” Klondike Bar consumption?


Sister Christian… oh, your time has come

scYes, it’s in the news today. A beauty pageant for nuns! An online event organized in Rome by… a priest, no less! I wonder if the Pope is progressive enough to give this peculiar idea a real go.

But hold your horses. Some things were made clear…

We are not going to parade nuns in bathing suits. But being ugly is not a requirement for becoming a nun. External beauty is gift from God, and we mustn’t hide it.

My oh my, how times have changed! So, who would you vote for Miss Sister 2008?

Updated: This event was canceled as of August 26.

I read the news today, oh boy

Every Friday, in the office, we all seem to have worked ourselves out that a little funny goes a long way… down the hallway, that is. We get all kinds of jokes and stuff emailed to us just to lighten things up a bit and remind ourselves that the weekend is just moments away. Last Friday, this is what got passed around. It sure gave me enough gas to keep me running through the end of the day. Enjoy.

News Flash!

Mo Freddie

I’ve just been passing time listening to Queen tonight and watching some Queen-related videos when I happened on this funny little bit. If you’re a Queen fanatic like I am, and knows a bit about Freddie Mercury and the band members, you’ll appreciate this. Not to mention… die laughing, too. The Lemmy part nearly took all the air out of my lungs. And Steve Riks is insanely hilarious with his Freddie impersonation.

Enjoy, Queen fans.

Halle Lou Yeah!

Okay! We’ve all misheard song lyrics on the radio many times, but when it happens in a church worship setting… beware! You might just find yourself hastily losing your religion!

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they sing. (thunder cracks)

Sorry, we haven’t had that spirit here since…

That’s right… 1969!

You Belong in 1969
You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule – oh, and drugs too.

What Year Do You Belong In?

I can remember vividly. I was six and bangin’ my drums to Honky Tonk Woman, dressed in military camouflage and cowboy boots, and getting wasted on Kool-Aid!

I haven’t had that kind of sleazy spirit, since.

Oh, and the photo above? That’s more like my mom, actually.

Don’t forget to wear your goggles

Your Smart Goggles, that is.

iForgetFor those who are tired of having those annoying senior moments, this is the new Japanese invention that will make you remember where you left those little pesky things such as your keys, purse, cell phone or what have you.

However, that is, if you don’t mind looking like Doc from Back to the Future! Hmm…

“Good God, Marty, I can’t find my Flux Capacitor! Hand me the goggles before Biff gets here!”

Though, I can see this falling into the hands of Apple Corporation one day, and turning it into a more fashionable statement… say, iForget? Anyone?

Well, all I can say for now is… Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Now, where’ my stinkin’ glasses, dagnabit?