Well, it has been an interesting year to say the least. You would think that just because you’re cooped up inside the house most of the time that life would be quite uneventful. And to some degree it was. But when you’re a musician, it actually becomes a happy excuse to be creative and more productive. So I was able to write and record a whole record just because I had more time on my hands this past few months. And of course, I called the record “Rockdown” for obvious reasons. Hope you like it.

I’m on a roll

wav Oh man, I gotta get some sleep! It’s past midnight and I just got done with the final mix of a song I’ve been trying to finish writing for about 3 years now. I’m excited I’m on a roll and I just had to get it done. I hadn’t been able to get past the first verse until about a month ago. I guess tough times really make the song come out naturally! That’s something new to me since I’ve always written feel-good songs for the most part; and all of a sudden, I’m in Nirvana mode! No, this song doesn’t sound anything like Nirvana but it sure is depressing nonetheless. But at the same time, it’s good to let it all out!

And since it’s already out, I can now enjoy listening to it. Hey, I’ll even share it with you. Why not? It’s called “Shame on Me” and it’s about, uhmm, say, a rude awakening?! Yeah! Check it out… I’ve got one song down, about a dozen more to go before the CD project’s complete.

But for now… I’m hitting the sack.

Up from the ashes

Possible cover for my next CD Well… look who’s back? I know I know…

I deeply apologize for being silent for a ridiculously long time. Life’s been quite a challenge, and blogging was probably the last thing I had in mind. But it’s the weekend and I just got back from riding my bike. All pumped up and ready to blog!!! Ha! Anyhow, I’m trying to get myself to write some new tunes so I can finish this new CD project I’ve been working on for a few months now. That photo on the top-left could possibly make it as the official CD cover. We’ll see. Usually it takes me a couple of months to complete a project but I’m just a bit dry lately. In the meantime, you can check out a long lost music video of one of my songs from my last CD. I found it sitting on the server last week. My first attempt in creating a movie in Flash! Tell me what you think… and please, try not to laugh!

Okay, I’m hungry… gotta get some lunch… Later!