Under the wintry weather

The sun is up today yet the temperature will barely climb up in the low 30’s. But yesterday this is how it looked like (pic taken from my front porch).

Spring in Wyoming

You should’ve seen it a couple of hours later. Six inches of snow on top of my car (silver Subaru on the left).

It’s Spring in Wyoming! Yep, we’re definitely under the weather here. I know I am, today. Too sick to go to work. I should be okay, though. Good thing the weekend’s ahead. I’m not scraping ice off of my windshield to drive anywhere. Think I’ll let it thaw out by itself for a couple of days before I come out of my nice little warm cocoon.

Meanwhile… a little hot cocoa is about to be served. Now, where was I? Ahh… TV.


It’s not that I’m sitting here staring at the wall.

No, I guarantee you, my time is very well-spent. I’m right here watching Crocodile Hunter re-runs… by crikey!!!

Seriously, I think my being sick this long has affected my level of creativity and desire to post anything sensible. Could it be writer’s block, perhaps? I don’t know, I’m not a writer. But bear with me, anyway. I may have been simply lazy lately.

Oh well. Somehow, someday, I will be back in my normal element.

But for now… I’m enjoying the late Steve Irwin’s legendary over-the-top enthusiasm as he whispers words of love into the ear of a monitor lizard.

I love it. He’s infectious. I miss him. Gotta go.

Anybody seen Rambo yet?

yo adrian, check me out!I’ve been debating whether or not to fork out a whopping five bucks for a matinee this weekend. I need to get some air. I’ve been sick for too long and the funk just won’t let go that easy.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Rambo series and was wondering if this installment was just as worthy a bother as the previous ones. So, if anybody got their two cents to toss, please do.

Thanks in advance. And I’ll be back soon… with a more meaningful post, hopefully.

Where am I?

You know, that feeling of coming back to work after a long vacation? It’s dreadful. But coming back to work after being sick for a whole week? Not funny, ya’ll!

I woke up this morning finally having enough energy to act somewhat normal again. Yes, I’m almost there, but not quite fully yet. The cold is hanging tough. Like the Terminator.

Seven days of agony. Seven days of pills and syrups. Seven days of chicken freakin’ SOUP! Alright already! I want pizza, dangwangit! I’m so glad I can, at least, watch TV now, without my eyes feeling like they’re going to pop out in pain.

But to walk back into normal life today, after being out in what seems to be purgatory for an entire week, is making me feel like a zombie trying to find its way around. Like an abducted alien thrown out of a slimy spaceship naked, and down into the woods.

I’m sorry, I still don’t have much to say at this time. I’m still trying to get myself together as I make sense of the day. Right now, I’ve got a desk piled up with work that’s overdue yesterday. There’s about a hundred items on my inbox. A couple dozen unanswered phone calls. That’s right. It’s gonna be an interesting week, to say the least.

Oh yeah, my RSS reader says I’ve got 273 unread items.

Winter blues

Sometimes, my mind is blank. But when I get sick, it really is blank. So, here’s a blank post for today, I suppose.

blah!Well yeah, it finally caught up with me. It’s only been in the single digits today, and I woke up this morning all stuffy and with a nasty sore throat. I tried to shake it off by resting in bed all day, but to no avail. I guess, I’ll just try to drink more liquid and vitamin C and see how I am tomorrow.

It’s no flu, by the way, but I still hate being useless for whatever reason!

I’m back to bed.