Under the wintry weather

The sun is up today yet the temperature will barely climb up in the low 30’s. But yesterday this is how it looked like (pic taken from my front porch).

Spring in Wyoming

You should’ve seen it a couple of hours later. Six inches of snow on top of my car (silver Subaru on the left).

It’s Spring in Wyoming! Yep, we’re definitely under the weather here. I know I am, today. Too sick to go to work. I should be okay, though. Good thing the weekend’s ahead. I’m not scraping ice off of my windshield to drive anywhere. Think I’ll let it thaw out by itself for a couple of days before I come out of my nice little warm cocoon.

Meanwhile… a little hot cocoa is about to be served. Now, where was I? Ahh… TV.

Gorgeous outside

Simple things, sometimes even ridiculous things, make me happy! Like blinding snow! I went outside the house an hour ago to see what the world looked like for a minute. I ended up snapping some photos of the neighborhood and interacting with some kids who were enjoying the white stuff as much as I was. The top photo, by the way, may look like b/w but it actually is colored too, just like the one below it. It’s amazing how the snow turned everything into almost monochrome on this one.


Oh well, I got about another couple of hours before our company Christmas party. And I better get going since I still have to prepare the food I have to bring. And judging from the amount of snow in my backyard right now, I might just have to do some shoveling to get my little car out of the garage as well.

But I’m really, really hoping not! We’ll see…


Quick Update

Well, so much for wishing. There’s almost a foot of snow back there so shovel I did. Took me an hour to get my breath back! I should be okay, though. I think.

I’m off to the party…

A good nightcap

It’s about 10pm right now. Just finishing up on my email chores, taking a last sip of my hot chocolate and getting ready to hit the hay. I’ve been switching back and forth from reading random blogs to drafting email replies for a good couple of hours now when I just noticed the glow coming in through the window shade. It was oddly bright, like it’s almost daylight. So I opened the front door to check it out and wow… snow! Big snowfall going on right this moment. I’m now checking the forecast and it seems we’re getting around 4 inches within the next 24 hours. Not much but still a fairly good amount for my own liking.

Here, take a look. I stood outside the porch and took a quick snapshot of my neighborhood using a cell phone camera.

Snow in my neighborhood at around 10pm on 11/20/07

Isn’t it lovely? I thought so.

Hey, I love the snow. And I’m always thankful for this kind of nightcap. What a great way to sign off, I think. Now, I just hope I don’t have to shovel my way out of the garage in the morning to get to work. Sometimes the Genie gets stuck, y’know? Hate that!

But I better get some sleep already… just in case I’d have to burn calories at 6am.

I’m out, people.