I hope he fails…?

What? Excuse me?

Not only is this a rude comment, in my opinion… what’s worse is that it drags along with it more than just the person being spoken of here, but more importantly, the world that is now celebrating a collective sense of victory.

Now, I can say that I’m as much into politics as James Hetfield is into Britney Spears. But, out of curiosity, I do read about it sometimes. Especially, these days when the entire planet is all ears on something very specific. On CNN this morning, they aired Rush Limbaugh’s comment on Barack Obama and I couldn’t help but notice the way we sometimes, as human beings, can be. Focused on self. I’m not belittling anyone’s personal opinion but sometimes, it helps to simply join hands with the majority even when we don’t agree. Just for the sake of peace and unity, if anything. Everyone knows that no one will ever agree a hundred percent with anyone. Or on anything, for that matter. But whether we like it or not, things happen for a reason. And I choose to believe it’s always a good one, on the whole. If we don’t allow faith and hope to give us a chance, I’m afraid we will have run ourselves out of luck.

This past few days, it’s hard to ignore the feelings of people, not only in the U.S., but all over the world. The unguarded happiness, the pride, the feeling of hope fulfilled and the sense of gratitude. Politics aside, I believe that it would do all of us good to just appreciate this momentary lapse of negativity, as it rarely lasts awhile. Much like any kind of celebration, it all comes to an end eventually. And the very next day will leave everyone a personal task. One that will make sure the party the night before was not held in vain. One that will allow us to witness even more personal successes, not failure. And one that will give us a reason to keep on celebrating, in fact.

For one man’s victory can be ours, as well. But then again, so can his failure. So, why hope for that?

There’s more than one way to skin a blog

… but it sure is tough to find the right way. Especially, when you have limited choices.

Well, that last skin didn’t work too well, did it? Thanks to my friend, Lissa, who pointed out that a dark template does not suit me. I am actaully flattered with that statement, as I usually see myself drawn to the daaahhk side (artistically speaking, that is) even when my personality does not reflect it, at all. What a paradox I am, sometimes! Sigh!

Okay, so let’s do this again. Since I’ve been trying (and trying is the keyword here) to live somewhat green for about a year now, I think it’s time to reflect some of that on my page. And it’s kinda fun that I get to switch headers too. Something I haven’t had a chance to do before. This one I have right now is a photo I took a couple of years ago at the Denver Zoo. I have so may photos that I took but hardly any fits on here. I should go out and shoot some more, eh?

And what now? Oh, that’s right! The title A Dark in the Light is now replaced by the more affirmative sounding A Brighter Touch of Haze. I just thought it’s time to move on from gloomy to hopeful. I am in no way completely detached from the ghost of the past but I am getting there, slowly but surely. I hope my friends get to know the real me from this point forward.

Actually, A Brighter Touch of Haze is an old song of mine. A song of hope with somewhat abstract lyrics. Here it is…

The server’s down temporarily, I think. If the song doesn’t play, try again in a few.

Meanwhile, on to writing a new song…


It’s been a tough time for me, this past couple of weeks. Not only have I been sick for the longest time (yes, I’m still reeling to this day), I’ve also been in a sort of roller coaster ride, emotionally. Most of you know why. And to top it all off, I just got news yesterday, that my landlord is taking back the house I’m renting, to give to his son as a wedding gift. Now, I’m all of a sudden, scrambling to find a new place to move in to, next month. I’m a bit overwhelmed, to be honest.

There are times when things go rough and you’re hoping to simply ride the storm thinking, it will all be good in the end. Sometimes, it ends up as planned. Sometimes, it doesn’t. It reminded me of a song I wrote some time ago, when I was still married. I was hoping that the storm will soon pass and we’ll be alright, in the end. Apparently, the storm did a pretty good job.

Hopefully, it won’t be too hard on me, this time around.

Anyhow, here’s a song about hoping for the best.

After the Fire

Remember the moonlight, the sand in our shoes
We walked until midnight looking for clues
How could it be so easy, how could it be so plain
We lit up a fire, we lit up a flame

So our hands came together through comfort and pain
The tears and the laughter, the sun and the rain
A dream for tomorrow, a promise we yearn
That after the fire, the fire will burn

Our eyes they were glowing as we hoped for the best
But stormy days passed us by, thought we’re failing the test
We came to our senses, we grew and we learned
And after the fire, the fire still burned

And when I flip the pages of my memories of yesterday I cry
And when I view the photographs they whisper to me saying
Love can never die

We came to our senses, and we grew and we learned
So after the fire, the fire still burned

Now Christmas is back again, and it comes with a smile
Those crazy days have come and gone, they only stay for a little while
Though the sun may not shine today, and the rain may take its turn
But after the fire, the fire will burn
And after the fire, the fire will burn
Yeah, after the fire, the fire will burn