I’m tired

I really am.

Though, I’m glad the moving is over with. Yes, I’m finally settled in my shiny new place. And getting some rest.

But, what a crazy week and a half it has been! You see, About 13 years ago or so, I went cliff diving in Hawaii and damaged my back after a 50 foot jump. Never did it again, but I never recovered from it either. Now, the pain seemed to have accelerated after I did a lot of moving by myself every single night, last week. I was too anxious to wait for the weekend. Besides, I didn’t want to scare the neighbors with the sight of seven guitars, three amps, a drum set and a whole bunch of other musical gear marching into their little Pleasantville, in broad daylight! So, I had to sneak them all in late at night, when everyone’s in bed and feeling safe. He he! We’ll see how much longer till they find out about the new kid on the block.

But I think I’ll be nice and keep the volume down. Especially, right now. Like I said, I’m just tired and simply want to get some rest, at the moment. So, I’ll do that. And hopefully, my back will forgive me, as well.

See you back here soon.

Too much stuff

Well, it’s a good thing that this weekend is a long one. At least, for lucky me, it is. For three days, I get to prepare for my big move at the end of the month, by doing some cleaning, sorting and packing.

It’s amazing how much stuff you realize you have, when you’re packing. I don’t know about you, but me… I ain’t no pack rat, by any stretch of the imagination. I always make sure that I don’t keep things I don’t use in a year or two, more or less. Be it clothes, furniture, appliances, whatever. If possible, I’d rather have an empty space than useless clutter (although, my clutter may be someone else’s treasure).

Yeah. Stuff. Sometimes, you need them. Sometimes, they just sit there, taking up valuable real estate and gathering dust. And, what’s worse is that you sometimes need to carry them off from the old place to the new one, with absolutely no logical reason, whatsoever. So this weekend, I arranged for almost half of what I own to be picked up by the Salvation Army. Crazy? Always! Yep, I could’ve done a yard sale but I opted to simply donate a roomful of unused goods instead. Free printer, scanner, CD changer, two beds, a couch, coffee table, portable heater, box fan, two juice extractors, office swivel chairs, assorted kitchen appliances and utensils, folding picnic chairs, flower vases and tons more. I feel so much lighter already!

However, all this packing is so exhausting, it made me want to take a little breather and have some laugh. It’s a good way to unwind. And, what better way to do this than to get a dose of classic George Carlin. So, here you go. In this routine, he yaks about, what else… stuff.

This is a riot, y’all! Enjoy it!


My mind has been elsewhere lately. I’ve been preoccupied with looking for a new place to move in next month. But, I’m happy to say that I just lucked out today and found a new apartment, a couple of miles away from where I am now. I live in a small town, so there’s not many choices. And you never know if you’ll get any at all, at a given time. I got approved by the management and am ready and anxious to do this now. I hate moving and would love to just get it going and be done with it, already.

Bear with me. I’ll be back soon…