Ladies and Gentlemen, by Saliva

Sometimes, there’s just nothing on my mind except the wondrous articulations of head-banging music. Yes, it happens. And that’s what’s been going on with me, pretty much all day today. Just indulging myself with some melodic jackhammering on the loudest dot com on the planet. I just heard one of my favorite songs of the past year… Ladies and Gentlemen, by Saliva. I had to find it on Youtube, right away! This is one of those songs that stops me on my tracks and makes me stand at attention! It never fails, every single time I hear it! It has every element I love about modern rock music. The heaviness, the infectious groove, the Beatlesque melodies and the Industrial sensibilities. All rolled into one. If I’m in a band today, I’d be making and playing music like this one. This ain’t no sissy rock, by the way.