A good nightcap

It’s about 10pm right now. Just finishing up on my email chores, taking a last sip of my hot chocolate and getting ready to hit the hay. I’ve been switching back and forth from reading random blogs to drafting email replies for a good couple of hours now when I just noticed the glow coming in through the window shade. It was oddly bright, like it’s almost daylight. So I opened the front door to check it out and wow… snow! Big snowfall going on right this moment. I’m now checking the forecast and it seems we’re getting around 4 inches within the next 24 hours. Not much but still a fairly good amount for my own liking.

Here, take a look. I stood outside the porch and took a quick snapshot of my neighborhood using a cell phone camera.

Snow in my neighborhood at around 10pm on 11/20/07

Isn’t it lovely? I thought so.

Hey, I love the snow. And I’m always thankful for this kind of nightcap. What a great way to sign off, I think. Now, I just hope I don’t have to shovel my way out of the garage in the morning to get to work. Sometimes the Genie gets stuck, y’know? Hate that!

But I better get some sleep already… just in case I’d have to burn calories at 6am.

I’m out, people.