Rage! Rage!

ratmI remember hearing Rage Against The Machine for the first time on the radio. I thought, another sub-genre in music had emerged. I’ve never heard so much shouting in a song that I took the liberty to call it Holler Rock. Honestly, it wasn’t Zach’s political yawp that got my attention, initially. It was the fact that the band sounded like something from the primitive 70’s. I just love Tom’s approach to the guitar, with the wah wah and the lead work that strays far far away from the traditional shredding that had already been done to death, at the time. And I believe, he took this approach even further later on, in Audioslave. But that’s for another post.

Since I’m not much into politics, I pretty much ignored whatever message their songs attempted to convey but instead simply grooved to the rockin’ beats that made me realized, they were truly one of the greatest bands of the 90’s. And eventually, I got used to the yelling I even began to like Linkin’ Park. But that’s for another post, too.

Meanwhile, here’s something you can’t understand… my fave Rage track. This song’s a riot! Check out the video. Oh, and the lady doing the intro, I wonder who’s mom she is?