Streamin’ Live

Back when I was a little younger (umm… like a few days ago?), I used to check out concerts at least once a month. Boy, that was a lot of money, I tell ya! Though every once in a blue moon, I’d win a ticket from a radio station so I could not only get in for free, but get a backstage pass too. For a free buffet dinner with the band(s)!

I remember having won a ticket for a Rush/Mr. Big show in Orange County, CA. Yep, I got to meet the guys in between the two shows. Heck, I was even handed a few autographed tour merchandise. Yeah! Not to mention, the food was outstanding I almost forgot about the show. That’s right… Rush kicked in with the thunderous Spirit of Radio – while my face, stuffed with pasta, looked like Dizzy Gillespie blowing his trumpet. No wonder, all of a sudden, I got this delightful Smörgåsbord all to myself.

About three months ago, I discovered this website, It’s a cool site that streams live shows. That mean, if there’s a show you want to see tonight and couldn’t afford to go, you just log in and you get to see the show for free. If that particular show is being hosted, that is.

streamin' live

It feels like you’re there because you too have to wait until the show begins. However, while the people that drove out to the venue are trying to find parking, fall in line for a beer or the bathroom, you head out to your fridge to get your munchies. No pushing and shoving.

The last show I saw was Motley Crue. They played Vegas a few weeks ago and I got to see it at the same time. For free! Oh yeah, you even get to type a shoutout to the band and audience and your message get shown in the backdrop so everyone sees it during the show. I thought it was a neat idea.

Unfortunately, I went to check out the website yesterday to see who’s on – but they’re unavailable now, with just archived shows on youtube. I’m guessing they didn’t make enough money on this venture. Too bad.

Oh well, on to the next cool thing on the web. Any good webfinds from anyone?