Dreaming of white picket fences

Every once in a while, I feel the need to post a music blog. Much like some people do a photo blog. Hey, maybe I should try that too, at some point.

Anyhow, yes, a music blog. For now. Maybe it’s because, in a particular moment, I am reminded of a time when a song I wrote had everything to do with it. Like my failed marriage, for instance (I apologize for having to mention this over and over). But then, there are times when I am simply reminded of a friendship. A partnership. A time when art was created through a collaboration. Sometimes, even a necessary collaboration. As in the case of this song.

White Picket Fences was written and recorded back in the summer of 2001, in a basement of a friend’s house in Kennesaw, Georgia. Jeff and I had a friend at church that got married fairly recently. This couple was a happy one. They dreamed of a life together. Of white picket fences, as Jeff was fond of calling it.

The bitter part of the story is that, way before his wedding day, he knew that his soon-to-be-wife will be dying of cancer at some point in the near future. To make a long story short, we wrote this song the day after attending her funeral.

Funny how, at times, I find myself dreaming of white picket fences myself. And, it almost came true, in fact.