Okay, I’ve been unsettled for about a month now on whether or not this blog layout fits my writing personality. Or should it even matter to begin with? There are other more important things to think of and here I am being iffy about a stupid blog layout! I hate that I’m feeling stuck on such a trivial subject. What matters is what I write on the paper, not the type of paper I’m writing on. Or is that right? I don’t know. And I really shouldn’t care. 

It’s Friday evening right now. I might give myself another twelve hours or so to decide. If tomorrow morning I’m still having second thoughts about this layout, I think I’m going back to the one I had before I switched to this one. It’s not my first choice either, but being a web designer makes it hard to be completely at home with a ready-made template. You always want to have your own stamp on it, I guess. Oh well, I might just end up trying all of them eventually. Yikes! Hope not.

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