Who ya lookin’ at?

Call me ignorant, but I just noticed for the first time (There’s always a first time, dangwangit!) a very small but hardly noticeable smiley face at the very bottom of my blog. It’s almost annoying. Kinda sneaky too!

Now, just to make sure I wasn’t the only one being picked on, I looked around. Hey, you got one too! 🙂

Although I was glad to see I wasn’t alone, I still didn’t understand what it was for. So, I trekked down to the FAQ section and demanded for an explanation. Well, I was informed  that the little face was simply there to display a nice gesture by smiling on your blog’s visitors. To know who they are. To remember their faces. Aawwww…

Oh, and yes, to curse them with a big nasty zit on their nose!

the curse of the smiley face

But… only if they don’t leave a comment. 🙂

Whew! So, let’s dodge the curse by leaving each other a nice little comment, shall we? It doesn’t take much to say hi, now does it?

Happy holidays, everyone!

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