ICOC rock bands

This is something I hesitated to talk about, for the longest time. It’s a little touchy for some people. Especially, the ones who were involved, in one way or another.

You see, from 1992 till 2004, I was a part of a Christian movement, called the ICOC (International Churches of Christ), in both the Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA Chapters. Now, if you’re in the know, I’d like to say one thing, before you let loose your thoughts, like flying daggers. I have absolutely nothing against anyone from that group, be it a current, or former member. No grudges, no ill thoughts, no anger, whatsoever. In fact, most of my closest friends are still active members, to this day. We’re still in touch. And, we still talk about everything, from what it used to be, to how it is, now. How a former roommate used to struggle to clean up his act in school; and how today, he struggles to clean up his toddler’s behind, instead. I am happy for them, for the sole reason that they are at a spiritual home of their own choosing. I respect people’s opinions and choices; and I hope that we all strive to do the same, for each other. We can agree to disagree, can’t we?

I believe, we were all just victims of a flawed system (we’re humans, after all), that eventually affected our sincere attempt, to build one huge spiritual family, that spanned the globe. But, we did love each other. I know, I did. Those were radical times, indeed. Like, totally awesome, in retro LA-speak. At least, for me, it was. We had moments of struggles, but we had each other. There were kooky ideas (i.e. washing your date’s feet), but there were brilliant ones (i.e. beach bonfire services), as well.

So, it’s been sometime now. And, I realize that some of our old rituals and traditions, have been reduced to being the butt of jokes, all over the Internet, for the past five years, at least. I think, we can all relax, and look back… and, have a little sense of humor about it, already. I’ve heard (and read) some really hurtful statements, in the past. And, I won’t go there, at all. However, there are some things, we can safely laugh about, now. Hey, someone, somewhere out there is hurling insults, or making fun of me right now, for all I know. I’ve done my fair share of “dirty deeds” myself, that’s for sure.

A couple of days ago, a friend forwarded me a list, that made me almost cough my lungs out, in laughter. It was so hilarious, I just have to share it, here. At least, with the ones who might get the joke, anyway. If you weren’t a part, or even just aware, of the movement, you can simply skip it. You might not totally get it, as most of these are inside jokes. Like poking fun at sector leaders, and stuff. Ha ha ha ha!!! 😆 I can’t help it! This is brilliant!

Didn’t I say before, I’m easily amused? 🙂

Anyhow, some of these were taken from an old discussion thread on the Delphi Forums, as I have been told. And some have been added by other folks, as it got passed along. And still, a few came from me. Yes, yes, I’m just as guilty. A lot of it came flooding out of me, just this morning.

Sorry folks, I don’t mean to make a mockery of anyone. It’s just really, really funny. Come on, admit it! Let’s break out our sense of humor, for once, shall we?

Oh, and you do know a little about rock/pop culture, don’t you? It might help.

Ok, ICOC’ers… former and current badge holders… give it up for, the…


  1. Twisted Scripture
  2. Deaf Shepherd
  3. Greed
  4. Mc Qwean
  5. Run DMC (disciples missing church)
  6. Corrective Soul
  7. Metallicult
  8. Crowded (singles) House
  9. Dexie’s Latenight Studies
  10. Eddie (more) Money
  11. Richard Marked
  12. The Fallaway Boys
  13. Olivia Newton McKean
  14. Baptismal Maneuvers in the Park
  15. Wasted Sister
  16. Scott Green Day
  17. School of Mike Rock
  18. Black Sabbatical
  19. Tom Pettycash
  20. Kip’s X
  21. King Kipson
  22. Yes men
  23. Bruce Williams & the Range
  24. All-Of-Us in Chains
  25. New Kips on the Block
  26. McKeansryche
  27. Guns n Bibles
  28. Kip’s Addiction
  29. Weird Al Baird
  30. The Dubious Brothers
  31. Rush (Ewell)
  32. No Cars
  33. Sly and the Family Group
  34. ICC DeVille
  35. Ex Pistols
  36. Kip’s Addiction
  37. Run SMC (Special Missions Contribution)
  38. Three Points Down
  39. Kip Oyster Cult
  40. Boston Movement
  41. Sheep Tricked
  42. Tears and Fears
  43. Sharing Faith No More
  44. Garbage Garbage Garbage
  45. Singles Devo
  46. BT-52’s
  47. Marty goes to Hollywood
  48. Twisted Kipster

Now, I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive. If you’re so inclined, feel free to add to it.

And, make sure, it’s juicy!!! 😛

Last update of list: 12/22/07

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