A photo blog?

I had some leftover Fetuccini AlBundy from a couple of nights ago that I just finished eating for dinner. When I first made it, I was so hungry I just wanted to scarf it down quick. But now, since I didn’t have to spend time cooking, I was able to take time and catch my dinner in action. So, here it is… in slo-mo!

First, striking a pose for the camera.

Alright, time to chow down.

Hmm, looks like it needs a dash of hot sauce. Anything needs a dash of hot sauce, really.

Whoa! That was good. Let me put some more hot sauce on it, then!

Taking a break to wipe my sticky face.

Ahhh! Fat and happy!

That’s it!

Later people… I need to jog off all that bacon out of my system.

4 thoughts on “A photo blog?

  1. Those are some really nice food pictures Chris! That first one looks like it hopped off of the cover of a magazine! Wow. You should do that more often. It made me hungry.

    Thanks, Hermi! I would do more if it wasn’t a pain holding a fork with one hand and a camera with another. Besides, I look really goofy – good thing there’s no one around to laugh at me. 🙂

  2. Totally delicious. You should have your own cooking show – the Singing Chef!

    Same reason I love Bordain and Jamie Oliver… it’s not just the cooking but the rock and roll attitude also.

  3. Okay, seriously. Amateur food pictures always look pasty and grody. Haven’t you seen those mom-and-pop restaurant commercials where the food looks bland and inedible? So how did you make that plate of pasta look so lovely? You airbrushed it, didn’t you? I knew it was fake.

    There’s this amazing effect in Photoshop, I’m sure you”ve seen it but never used it, it’s called Brightness/Contrast! It’s my secret. Sshhhh, don’t tell anyone. 🙂

    Well okay, besides that, I think you just need to really crisp up the bacon! And clean the edges of the plate too, like Emeril does. That might do the trick, as well.

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