Easter… a state of grace

A long time ago, I wrote a song about Easter. This one does not talk about the occasion, the tradition, or its religious connotation. It simply tells of a place where Easter never fails to transport me, personally.

Happy Easter, everyone.

State of Grace

I desire to run this race
In my desire to see your face again
Wake me up in the morning light, I am here

I desire to wrong no one
In my desire, the damage is done again
Walk me home where the big blue sky’s always clear and near

The pain is gone, the weight’s lifted off my shoulder
The rain has come and gone, the storm is over
Welcome to the state of grace

I desire to call on you
Yes I desire to run to you once again
In my soul I thirst, but it’s okay you say

Yes I desire to break the code
Say hello to the yellow brick road again
Let me mend your heart dear broken hearted

I hear your thunder on the misty mountain top, never stop
I hear your voice, you’re calling to my face sayin’
Welcome to the state of grace

I want to find a place to live
Somewhere I can give, yeah
A place where you and I could meet, yeah

I desire to run this race
In my desire to see your face again
Wake me up in the morning light, I am here

©2000 Chris Alma Jose

3 thoughts on “Easter… a state of grace

  1. An uplifting, inspirational song with a very tasty lead break. I’d like to think that in many ways this is what Easter means to me too. Excellent work! 🙂

    I was a little more proud of my guitar playing here than my singing, in fact. From what I can remember, the lead break took one take. The vocals, probably a whole week’s worth of effort… just to get it right. But, thanks anyhow! 🙂

  2. Sorry about LAST FM. I am trying build a playlist there and that’s all I use it for.

    Sorry for what?

  3. Hi sorry to use your blog space to ask this but how do you insert audio files into your blog? I got an audio-player plug-in into my blog but the code I am using to install the flash player does not seem to work. Thanks in advance!

    Check your email.

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