Standing in the Rain

I’ve got two things going against me here.

First, I’m not a story writer. However, I’ve written a few songs in my day. Songwriting is much easier for me. You don’t have to go through extreme details to convey a vivid message. Couple stanzas and you’re done. Haven’t you heard the great Joey Ramone proverb… Second Verse, Same as the First…? How much more vivid can you be?

happy boy Second, it’s naturally difficult for me to focus on the negative (an artistic limitation, you might say). And Selma’s writing prompt for this week seems to have that depressing connotation. At least, that’s what you normally think when you hear the line… You left me standing in the rain… isn’t it? So then, the challenge is to approach it in a positive light. And I did.

Turns out, that was the easy part. You can say, there’s a third concern that may have cost me my “quiet boy” reputation in the neighborhood. You see, my tools required more than just pen and paper. It also commanded the stark presence of my loud instruments and not-so-confident voice to create the song. And when you live in a flat and all the people next door ever hear is oohs and aahs and thumping of the drums, there’s a chance they might pass you off as being a nutcase. Or, worse!

Anyhow, onto the song… I wish I still have my basement and can sing as loud as I can without fear of being intrusive. But alas, I have to resort to quieting my voice for the time being. This means I couldn’t be as emotive as I want to, lest I get glared at the next time I say hello to the Pleasantville residents.

Well, enough said… I say, hey ho, let’s go!

Standing In The Rain

Never thought I’d be alone
Never thought I’d make it on my own
In the pouring rain
And the years they passed me by
Seems the thunder of your voice have faded
In the pouring rain

Though you, you left me standing in the rain
You, you saw me through my bitter pain

When the clouds embrace the sky
And the lightning strikes inside my mind
I’ll make it through
And when I try to touch your face
Just to find some comfort and some safety
I know you’ll find me, guide me

Though you, you left me standing in the rain
You, you saw me through my bitter pain
You, you left me standing in the rain
You, you saw me strengthened by the pain

As the sun begins to shine
And the birds begin to sing their song
And the waves of the ocean calms
I run to you

© 2008 Chris Alma Jose

11 thoughts on “Standing in the Rain

  1. That is just brilliant, Chris. Nick and I are standing here listening to your amazing song slightly awestruck. To think you came up with such a work of art from a search engine term used to find my silly little blog has blown me away. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this moment. Seriously. Your talent is indisputable.

    I am humbled by your words, Selma. Considering I’ve only been inspired by your own work that I am able to write again after years of creative drought. So, thank you.

  2. i say screw the neighbors!!!! this was amazing… i have never been here before but i can tell you i most definitely will be back!!!! and i am hoping this is not the last song you publish here as this was a real treat!!!!! thank you!!!!!

    Thank you, ma’am! I’m just glad to join in with the happening crowd. I’ll try my best to write more songs. Promise. 🙂

  3. This was wonderful! You’re very talented (and I think your neighbors are very fortunate to have someone next door who can create such great, original music).

    I can only wish that they’re fortunate, too. Though, I get the feeling they might say otherwise. 🙂 Oh well… thanks, anyway.

  4. Hi Chris, I must agree with the praise that the other commentors have bestowed upon you. Great work. Thanks, DavidM.

    Thanks, David. Just joining in the fun, really.

  5. Wasn’t this a great prompt, offered by the lovely Selma? And you’ve done a wonderful job of using it for this work. I like the ‘upswing’ at the end…nice finish. Well done!

  6. Very cool song, man. I hope this is the beginning of a whole host of new material from you. You have a lot to say and to share with folks…

    You rule.

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