(Don’t) Wait For Me

This week’s SES prompt was a bit easier than the last one. Heck, I even got done writing and producing the song in under seven hours. That’s a first for me. Moreover, I like this one a little better than the first song, Standing in the Rain. I think I’m getting better at this. Well, I hope so.

Here’s my offering. By the way, I had to go the opposite direction as the phrase “Wait For Me” reminds me too much of the old Hall & Oates song. Love the tune but didn’t want mine to sound like it. Anyhow, without further ado…

Don’t Wait For Me

Don’t wait for me
Ain’t coming back to you now
Don’t wait to see
Where this may lead us somehow
I don’t believe it’s wrong
I’ve just been waiting so long
I hang my head low
As I try to find myself again, so

Don’t wait for me
I’ve given all I’ve got
It’s just not in me
To try to be the man I’m not
Can’t we be fair
Seems like we’re going nowhere
Go ahead and keep the door shut
And keep the good ol’ memories, but

Don’t wait for me
Please let me be on my own
Oh can’t you see
Right now I just need to be alone
Nothing else to say
Well then, I’ll be on my way
Nothing else to do
But just one last thing to remind you

Don’t wait for me…

© 2008 Chris Alma Jose

8 thoughts on “(Don’t) Wait For Me

  1. I love it, quite catchy, I do it better than your “standing in the rain”, this is sad for the girl but quite happy for you, guess, some of us really needs our own space

    You would think! It pains me too, y’know? Sometimes you have to part ways with someone to preserve the love. Ever heard of dead marriages? Now, that’s real sad.

  2. uh-oh, I really should re-read before hitting the submit button, I meant – “I do like it better” .. always seem to be missing words when I type out my thoughts, sorry, here it is again:

    I love it, quite catchy, I do like it better than your “standing in the rain”, this is sad for the girl but quite happy for you, guess, some of us really needs our own space

    No worries, Lissa. I knew what you meant. But, thanks. 🙂

  3. Chris, you’ve done it again. There is such a feelgood vibe to this song. It is as good as anything you hear recorded by the top male contemporary singers on the charts now. So tell me, when’s your CD coming out? I mean it. If I had a label I’d sign you up right now. XX00

    Awww, you make me blush (yeah, like I can blush)! Well, I got 2 songs down, don’t I? I need at least a dozen or so to complete a CD. So hopefully before the end of the year, with all this weekly prompts, I will have had a package put out. It will be available here, of course… just like my other CDs, if you weren’t aware yet. 🙂

  4. Great song, Chris. I enjoyed both this song and “Standing in the Rain” You’ve got a very good voice.

    Thank you, Autumn.

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