You named your band what?

say wot?

If you want to hear the stupidest sounding band names in rock, look no further than the 80’s New Wave scene. I mean, why in God’s green earth would you want to be known as… Scritti Politti? Or A-ha, Oingo Boingo, Bananarama, Bronski Beat, Kajagoogoo, Men Without Hats, Wang Chung, Prefab Sprout, The The,  and Haircut 100, for that matter? I’m sure you’ve already thought of other ones I missed to include on this list.

So, did these groups’ imagination suddenly run dry or did they simply wish to annoy the masses with monickers that are just simply too hideous to ignore?

Anyhow, let me just get back to listening to some good ol’ prog rock. Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe, in particular. Uh no, those aren’t my lawyers, thank you very much.