A weekend blogger no more

This isn’t a firm promise, let me tell you that right now. But I will try to repent of my weekend blogger attitude as much as I possibly can. For the past couple of years, I’ve only blogged, for the most part, during the weekends as it was the only quote convenient time unquote for me.

I realize that writing your thoughts down when you have them is not a matter of convenience. Just like any artistic statement, it’s all about inspiration. And as far as I know, inspiration doesn’t just show up on the weekends. Nonetheless, there’s always the legitimate excuse of not having the time or being busy with other things. True. But for someone who’s desperately wanting to learn to communicate better through written (typed?) words, I have to at least try to be consistent.

This past month has been very helpful. It’s helped me to focus better and to be able to articulate more on the things I’m inclined to talk about. And I have quite a few! It’s definitely comforting and at the same time, it gives me a sense of fulfillment. Like artwork always does for me.

Now, does this mean I will write everyday? I hope so. I’d like to if I can. But like I said, it’s all about inspiration for me and not being rigid for the sake of being rigid. After all, I’m an artist, not a journalist. So, it’s true that inspiration may not come just on the weekends, but it may also not come every single day. It may or may not. However, my aim is to seize the moment whenever possible. To not have to postpone the desire to write at a more convenient time.

I used to write songs everyday for years, until I ran out of juice. Then one day, I was just writing every once in a while. Hopefully, someday it’ll come back. I hope I can do the same with blogging. Because, as I’ve learned through the years, it’s also evolved into one of my accredited art forms. The art of expressing oneself in words and thoughts. It’s a beautiful thing indeed.