Pictures of Lily

No need to introduce this classic if you’re a fan. Neither do we need to mention what it’s about either, now do we? It’s one of those songs that seems to have stuck with me forever, though. A good ‘ol sixties melodic hook is, indeed, eternal. In fact, more so for me than the obvious ones (the themes from the CSI shows, for instance). You can feel a carefree kind of attitude in this song. It’s almost like you gotta be on drugs to be able to pull off this kind of songwriting stunt. It’s so genuine and honest. And childish, too. Probably because the music didn’t rely so much on advanced technology. Or some hired songwriting team from Nashville. They didn’t have any, apparently. This is rock and roll in its purest form. You’re suppose to hear the reverb echoing from the garage.

And this style of music, I believe, have constantly been revived (or sustained) throughout the years. There’s a whole mess of current bands right now that are sadly filed under the cabinet of obscurity simply because their taste for music is not quite “flavor of the month” anymore. I know, I listen to a lot of them, often. I might even highlight a few at some point in the future.

But I love the kind of innocence you feel with this kind of songs. My favorite Who tracks are the early ones like this one and Substitute, Happy Jack, I’m a Boy and The Kids are Alright. There’s a sense of timelessness in music born out of sheer youthfulness and passion. Can’t get that out of some bigshot producer with cutting-edge machines to make just about anyone and the neighbor’s dog sound “good enough.”