v5.0 goes live

I’ve been meaning to get this new website live for about a week now but I thought I’d let it go beta for a few days just to work out whatever kinks I might find. Now that it’s ready to go, I was excited until the terrible news from Virginia hit the airwaves this morning. What a bummer that was!

I am watching CNN as I write this, and I couldn’t believe… I mean, the terrible things that people do for absolutely no reason at all! I know I shouldn’t ask why. I don’t like the word “why.” But this is just ridiculous. It breaks my heart to think… man, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how it would feel if I was a parent of one of those unfortunate kids.

You know, even when life is tough sometimes, I still feel very lucky to not have gone through what I know other people have gone through. I mean, you know, I try to think, there’s always someone out there that suffers more pain than I do. Yeah, it’s awful to think that but it’s true. And it sure helps to see that, whatever it is that happened to me, it could’ve been worse.

I remember last summer when I was down in Denver, I drove by the Littleton area where the Columbine tragedy happened. It was surreal imagining what had happened there just a few years ago. I had the same feeling standing in front of ground zero in New York just eight months after 9/11. They were still in the middle of cleaning the hole. I mean, there was an eerie sense of quietness in that city that it was hard to imagine the loud bang that everyone there had heard just a few months back. Even going further back, to 1992, when the Rodney King incident happened. I was in the middle of all that. And I wasn’t sure if my house was still gonna be around the morning after.

But anyhow, excuse me for pondering these thoughts for a moment. I meant for this post to be a happy one. After all, version 5.0 of just went live! Right? Yeah, I bet you didn’t know. It’s been around for seven years now. However, as much as I know that there’s not much I could do about today’s adversity, I could at least give some respect by offering my thoughts and prayers to all those affected… right here, and right now.

Listening to the iPod's left channelIn the meantime, why don’t you go browse around the site and find out for yourself what’s new and what’s changed. I decided to go for a little face-lift since the old one’s been around for over two years now. I like it but it’s just old and worn out, I think. On this one, there’s more, uuh, liveliness to it, if you will. I’ll try my best to really make it talk and move. And more often. Starting with this blog. I even have an RSS feed available now that you can subscribe to, so you’re always in-the-know of any website updates/changes even when you don’t visit. Hopefully, I’ll get around to populating it with my senseless musings more than ever before! I love it when I do that as I am fairly quiet in person, as you may have already known. A lot of folks say that they see me in my website. Ha! That’s a matter of fact, I say! I get to express myself more clearly in my website than in person. In fact, I get to express myself more clearly in any work that I do. My art, in particular. And I’ve tried to capture most of it here in this new version of my website. Even the image of the mic above should tell you something. If there’s anything that should speak well in my behalf, it’s this little web space of mine. So, hopefully, you’ll take some time and get to know me… all over again! 🙂

Meanwhile, I think I’ve had enough bad news for today so, I’ll just go finish my jasmine tea and hit the hay.

Wow, that rhymed, didn’t it?