Who ya callin’ dude, dude?

I hate to say it, but I dreaded a lot of music from the 80’s due to its excessive and outlandish nature. But that’s just me. Though every once in a while came a splash of relief in the form of either pure musical genius or novelty entertainment. And other times, luck striked and you got both. At one point for me, it was the band Scatterbrain.

sctrbrnDuring the peak of metal’s reign, at the time when groups were either outdoing each other’s hairdo or were trying to play faster than they did yesterday, Scatterbrain infused a sense of humor into their act. Fusing technical proficiency with comical elements, they provided serious chops without the need to take it all too seriously. You were definitely entertained. I know, I was.

When I first heard the song Don’t Call Me Dude on the radio, it definitely got my attention. But I was even more delighted to see the song enhanced further by its music video.

By the way, I know, but I’m easily amused. Pardon me.