The depth of friendship

Just walked in a few minutes ago and right now, I’m a fixin’ (amazingly, some southern habits have followed me up north). Fixin’ to go to a Christmas party thrown by my boss, that is. But, I got about an hour to kill, so why not post something quick, right?
Well, I received an email from my best friend this afternoon. Not that it’s anything shocking, knowing him. But he’s such a great inspiration to me and his words never fail to stir my thoughts.
Hence, the thought of the day…
How much do we really value the littlest things in our possession? It’s not hard at all, to show appreciation for the obvious. A new car. A new gift. A new raise. Heck, a new love, even. Hey, I’ve been there. Many times, in fact. However, when was the last time we woke up in the morning, teary-eyed and thankful, for no other reason, except that we’re alive and well at that very moment? I can tell you, not in a long while for me. Bad times can easily overwhelm the good ones, as some of us can attest to.
But we know we have more than just being alive and well. We, somehow, manage to find food on the table. For the most part, anyway. We have clothes on our backs, too. Some luxury, maybe. Friends and family. Yes, functional or otherwise. But we have them, nonetheless.
However, some of us are, indeed, a tad luckier than others, simply by having a best friend. By best friend, I mean, a true confidant. For life. A mighty wall to lean on. Someone you are willing to trust with your own soul. Someone who is willing to walk the extra mile with you. And for you. All the time. Yes, someone you can agree to disagree, as well! And for the icing and gravy part, it’s a relationship where you’re able to express all kinds of emotions to each other without the smallest hint of awkwardness or embarrassment.

And this person doesn’t necessarily have to be a spouse, either! 🙂
I have such a friend. This kind doesn’t come everyday. And I can brag about it, only because we worked hard on our friendship. No, he actually worked hard on it. I just followed his example.
So, Mike… I love you, dude! – \m/ – I know you’re reading this.
By the way, here’s what he wrote…

Hey, man… hope all is well… and warm. I’m actually writing this to you from just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota where I’ve been for the past 2 days working with the President of our company; I’ll be here for one more day, then head home.

Anyhow, as I’m waiting to discuss more issues with my new boss, just wanted to drop you a line, and say that I feel like a very rich man. Rich in the sense of having the depth of friendship with you and a handful of others; rich in the sense of having been graciously given a strong faith; rich in the sense of being healthy; rich in the sense of getting to experience a myriad of different things and places; and rich actually and tangibly experience what it’s like to have gratitude that transcends understanding…. thanks, man…. I appreciate you being my friend and brother.

Did I tell you, I’m a sucker for depth?

K… it’s party time!