Junk deluxe


This photo was taken in Hollywood, CA sometime in the mid ’90’s… A bunch of my friends and I wanted to get rid of some of our personal junk for a good cause. So we decided to set up a weekend yard sale out on a vacant lot somewhere. As far as I can remember, we did good on our little fund-raiser. One reason that, I believe,  gave us the edge was that we had entertainment provided. After all, we were artists and could come up with such unique twist to rouse up an otherwise humdrum activity.

Here we were on an early Saturday morning spreading our wealth for all to ogle on. And hopefully pay cold hard cash for. Well, it wasn’t much, I realize now. But anyhow, here my friend Mike is checking out Myles’ cello to see if it’s really in tune, as he claims it is. After all, this is a make-or-break gig in which the success of our operation heavily depended on.

Myles (wearing a hat) was our entertainer, indeed. As the rest of us smiled and greeted passersby and onlookers, there he was serenading and luring them into being prospective buyers of our rubbish.

Ahh… the things you do for Jesus!