A new home

Howdy! It’s been a while since I wrote something here, eh?

Uh, did I just say… here? As in… here in wordpress.com? As opposed to chrisalmajose.com?

Oh yeah. I forgot to remind you that I have been wanting to relocate my journaling platform from my personal webhost to something like this one here. 

Ahh… an architect’s house is never done!

Well, two reasons actually. First, I am tired of the heavy maintenance that I do on my own website. I thought, I already do this all day everyday at work, why do I have to do it again when I’m home and suppose to relax? Second, I have been bombarded with spam on my old site for a few months now. I even have to disable the commenting function for past couple of months just to avoid the insane outpouring of junk posts. I could probably find a way to get around this issue but hey, why reinvent the wheel, y’know?

So now, to make the move, I needed to port my old entries into wordpress just so I could keep an archive. That went through without a hitch. Unfortunately, the comments wouldn’t carry over. I’m bummed. I had some really good ones I wish I could keep. Oh well, the database is trashed now. Guess I’ll just have to start over.

But hey… I have a brand new home on the web! It’s kind of exciting. 🙂 Let’s see if I can last here a while. But I’ve got some work to do still, I’m thinking. Some rearranging, reorganizing and stuff. We’ll see.

Right now, I’m exhausted. I just came back from work and I need to rest. Hang tight. I’ll be back soon. Hopefully, with new content.