Cum on feel the noize, cuz life is short

The house is so cold! I’m trying to conserve energy (no, money) by turning down the heater in the morning before leaving for work. I just stepped in a minute ago and it’s like the arctic in here. Maybe I should start skimping less before someone finds me frozen on my couch one of these days.

Oh well… not intending to dwell on morbid thoughts, I couldn’t help but think of what I just read in the news today. This may sound insignificant, or even pathetic to some, but I was stunned by the news of Kevin DuBrow’s death.

Kevin who?

For those of you who were not lucky enough (or very lucky, in fact; depends on how you see it) to have been part of the mid ’80s Sunset Strip scene in Los Angeles, Kevin was the lead singer of the heavy metal band Quiet Riot. Ahhh… suddenly, memories of seeing the band on stage flood my thoughts. The atrocious scent of hairspray from the hair-extention of the guy in front of me while standing in line at The Whisky lingers in the air. And my ears could very well be ringing in the next few days once again.

Kevin and his band weren’t really my cup of tea, although I did enjoy their shows. But being a part of that whole scene for years, you can’t help but feel something. I mean, regardless of who it was who died, it is tragic. And the news of Kevin’s death is definitely heartbreaking.

But I can already hear the speculations, the negative things being buzzed around. Sardonic remarks such as… his metal health ran out (okay, sorry, I made that one up). We can all be judgmental one way or another. It’s easy to do. But one day we too shall pass. And be judged. That’s what’s even more scary to me.

This is making me think how short life really is. And how precious. I mean, I can remember some twenty years ago like it was just this morning. You know, everybody’s young and vibrant. And cocky. And then, all of a sudden, it seems like half of them are dead now; or dying. Even I feel my age so much more now than I ever have before. It’s like, it’s just a matter of time, you know.

I’m not trying to sound spooky here but as much as you want to focus on life itself, the reality of life is that it stops at some point. Sometimes, sooner than later, as in the case of Kevin’s. And however you choose to believe what happens afterwards doesn’t take away the significance of how you choose to view and treat your present life right here, right now. At least for me, I try to treat it like a savings account. Like an investment of sorts. I may not have a lot but as far as I’m persistent and continue to save a little at a time, it will eventually grow enough to support me in the end.

But that’s just me.

For now, Kevin deserves a moment of silence. A respectful silence. Whoever he was before doesn’t matter now. It’s none of our business. But as someone who’s had some sort of connection to him, if only because we stood at the same place at one point in time to enjoy the music, the fun and the beer (that was the extent of it for me, I promise!), it’s only right to allow him to rest in peace through faith that he’s in a better place now. I’d even like to think that he’s back jamming with his even more legendary buddy, Randy Rhoads. I guarantee you, I’m not the only one thinking of this proposition.

So here’s to Kevin DuBrow… rock and roll thunderbird. Peace, brother. May God have mercy on your soul. \m/