The Great Gig in the Sky

You’ve probably heard by now… Rick Wright, Pink Floyd’s genius keyboard player has left the planet today. He was only 65. A sad day in music, indeed. And the end of a great era, perhaps. Pink Floyd is one of those bands that never gets old, I don’t think. Probably because they’ve always been quite ahead of their time, to begin with. They’re just way too cool to be lumped in with the rest of the oldies.

goodbye rick

One of my all-time favorite songs happens to be Echoes, from the album Meddle. A piece of epic proportion. It highlights not only Rick Wright’s keyboard playing but his voice, as well. It’s one of those rare moments when he sings alongside David Gilmour. The song is very melancholic in its melodic structure and I love it. Here they are playing the song amidst the ruins of Pompeii.

But as much as I will forever love the Floyd, they better not put out anymore music together under the same name as it might only dilute their legacy. It’s great that they were able to at least reunite one last time during 2005’s Live 8, but I’m afraid it’s now time to lay all things Pink Floyd to rest, as a sign of respect, if anything.

Rick, however, is now free to play that great gig in the sky! Go Rick… shine on!