Gorgeous outside

Simple things, sometimes even ridiculous things, make me happy! Like blinding snow! I went outside the house an hour ago to see what the world looked like for a minute. I ended up snapping some photos of the neighborhood and interacting with some kids who were enjoying the white stuff as much as I was. The top photo, by the way, may look like b/w but it actually is colored too, just like the one below it. It’s amazing how the snow turned everything into almost monochrome on this one.


Oh well, I got about another couple of hours before our company Christmas party. And I better get going since I still have to prepare the food I have to bring. And judging from the amount of snow in my backyard right now, I might just have to do some shoveling to get my little car out of the garage as well.

But I’m really, really hoping not! We’ll see…


Quick Update

Well, so much for wishing. There’s almost a foot of snow back there so shovel I did. Took me an hour to get my breath back! I should be okay, though. I think.

I’m off to the party…

One thought on “Gorgeous outside

  1. Thanks for commenting about interracial marriage. It sounds like you’ve gained wisdom there. You’re so right about what you said that being family takes work. I will quote you today, hope you do not mind.

    Thank you. Sharing gained wisdom is always a good thing, I believe. And sorry, I just realized I commented on that post but on the wrong page.

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