Laughing… 87 billion hours a day

I love a good laugh and I try to have one every chance I get. I’m finding myself reminiscing of the old stand-up shows I used to catch a lot of back in my L.A. days. Last night, I scoured youtube for some classic comedy routines I was familiar with. Most of them were from SNL. You know, more cowbell, chopping broccoli, Belushi and Carey. But I remember this particular one which I actually saw live some fifteen years ago. It’s the late Richard Jeni  making fun of love songs on the radio. You might remember it yourself. I’ve seen him do this several times, and even though this one right here doesn’t provide the greatest punchlines, from what I can remember, he still pulls it off perfectly, I think. This is hilarious.

It’s a classic. So, laugh with me, will ya?