Good TV

Amanda Abizaid I don’t normally follow TV series and there hasn’t been an exception since the X-Files. Call me cheesy but I’m a huge fan of the cable series “The 4400.” I’ve been glued to it since the pilot episode back in 2004. They’re in their 3rd season now and it just gets better and better everytime. It’s like a cliff-hanger on every episode’s ending and you just couldn’t wait to see what’ll happen next. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I think the show is a bit under-rated as well. It’s good TV!

Anyhow, just like the show itself, I think the theme song, “A Place in Time,” is just as great too. An eerily haunting and beautiful song that’s just a little over a minute long. It’s sung by a Lebanese-born, but L.A.-based singer-songwriter named Amanda Abizaid. Check out her website to hear the song. And here’s The 4400’s website.