There’s more to the picture than meets the eye

flickr-icon-19Hey hey, my my… I need help!

I just realized my cooking adventure of late had left me with a ton of photos to upload on Flickr. I’ve been on the photo-sharing site for over 3 years now and never thought I’d manage to fill up the 200 pic limit, ever. But here it is… I’m just about to hit the mark and the site’s been bugging me for over a month… Go Pro, bro!!! Well, looking at the big picture, I love photography and I’d probably won’t stop taking pictures anytime soon. And so, after a bit of research, reading on people’s opinions and experience, I’m finally on the verge of deciding to suck it up and, well… go Pro!!!

That’ll set me back 25 bucks! Ouch! So much for my holiday shopping.

Well okay, maybe not. But I’m actually hitting Arizona for the Christmas weekend and I plan to shoot like a maniac while I’m down there. I wonder how much cactus photography I can take. So anyway, I would really need the unlimited web space that Flickr’s Pro account offers. Besides, it would be nice to finally be able to organize my pics into multiple sets. And the groups! I love the groups and the discussions. Interactions with other folks have been incredibly helpful, educational and inspiring.

I’ve also wrestled with switching to other sites like Photobucket and Zooomr. I considered Smugmug as well, but they’re even more expensive. I don’t know. Is there really more to the picture than meets my wallet? Just want to make a sound decision, that’s all.

So, should I or should I not go with Flickr Pro? Someone help me decide, please.

Everything is hard…


Everything is hard

But sometimes, I wonder which is harder…

To have seen everything or to have been blind since birth?
To not have the answers or to not know the questions?
To grant forgiveness or to ask for it?
To put your guard up or to put it down?
To respect fear or to ignore it?
To embrace pain or to dodge it?
To lie to someone or to yourself?
To lose your innocence or to preserve it?
To defend your life or to surrender it?
To admit guilt or to deny it?
To know little or to know much?
To recognize what is right or what is wrong?
To deal or to walk away?
To open your mouth or to keep it shut?
To raise your head up high or to bow down low?
To serve justice or to show mercy?
To earn your freedom or to receive it as a gift?
To swallow the truth or to spit it out?

I’m still trying to figure it out.

Have you?