Everything is hard…


Everything is hard

But sometimes, I wonder which is harder…

To have seen everything or to have been blind since birth?
To not have the answers or to not know the questions?
To grant forgiveness or to ask for it?
To put your guard up or to put it down?
To respect fear or to ignore it?
To embrace pain or to dodge it?
To lie to someone or to yourself?
To lose your innocence or to preserve it?
To defend your life or to surrender it?
To admit guilt or to deny it?
To know little or to know much?
To recognize what is right or what is wrong?
To deal or to walk away?
To open your mouth or to keep it shut?
To raise your head up high or to bow down low?
To serve justice or to show mercy?
To earn your freedom or to receive it as a gift?
To swallow the truth or to spit it out?

I’m still trying to figure it out.

Have you?

13 thoughts on “Everything is hard…

  1. It’s a work in progress for me. I have learned though that you should follow your instinct on most things, especially moral dilemmas. The old gut instinct is usually right.

    A work in progress. Very true.

  2. i am amazed at myself sometimes… for someone that knew it all for so many years… i am so full of unanswered questions today… many of them you have listed here… what is it about age that brings uncertainty?????

    We all go through it at some point in life. I call it the dark ages. It too will come to pass. I hope.

  3. THIS is great!
    It inspires a Socratic dialogue that could take…
    It will keep my head pinging back and forth for a while.

    Thanks, Lea. Let me know when you get something figured out.

  4. provoking questions that I don’t have answers to either, although they can be answer with more questions, guess that’s life for you

    You don’t have to answer anything. And that could be an answer in and of itself.

  5. You’ve summed up most of the important questions and decisions that we face in life Chris. I certainly don’t have many of the answers nailed down but as I get older I think one of the most important is being more forgiving of my mistakes and those of others. I guess that’s called mellowing!!!

    Great post, thanks Chris. G

    Mellowing is good, G! That means we’re a little more at peace even when the answers don’t show.

  6. You are getting introspective more than usual…Chat me soon..I need to know how you are.

    You’re never around! Holler when you’re online. Chances are, I’m just here dancing myself silly.

  7. Hey Chris,

    Good post! I think God, always knows what He wants and therefore it’s never a hared decision for Him. I think for us, that it’s in the not knowing, the ungodliness if you will, that we need Him so much more. Good thoughts!

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