Zombies on TV? Copy that!

Since I was a kid, I really haven’t been so much of a TV person besides watching the news. With an exception. In the past few years, I have relentlessly glued myself to the tube everytime a new season of 24 kicked off. As fans of the show would attest, it is indeed very addicting.

But now that the series has ended for good, it has been a dismal few months for me. It’s torturous! Excruciating! I miss it! Ok, so yes, I have been flipping through the channels all this time trying to find a worthy successor. And I do love Fringe , mind you, which is on its third season this year. And a very promising new series called The Event seems to be holding up strong, as well, I think. But still, nothing seems to grab my full attention the way 24 did.

That is, until Halloween night.

Enter The Walking Dead. A new cable TV series based on a popular comics of the same title. Hmm… definitely something I could sink my rotten teeth in (heehee… sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

And, wow! Just wow! The season premiere pilot, in no time, had me nailed to my seat the way Jack Bauer had every muscle in my body aching the following morning, after each episode. And talk about getting your zombie fix… on a weekly basis! Woohoo! No more waiting for 28 Years Later or whatever. Yet, the drama is so good you forget that the gore is, in fact, premium-grade. Ha! Actually, even better than any George Romero offering, in my opinion. Fans of Lost would easily fall for this show being that the premise is somewhat similar, I’m guessing.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that after almost an entire year of not posting anything on here, I have finally found something worth ranting about. Even for just a quick sec.

Thanks for reading… and who knows? You might just see me back here again someday.

Memorial Day weekend blues

Alright. I have no life! It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’m at home glued to the tube. No, not Youtube. The old school Sony Trinitron kind. Yep, and since Gene Simmons Family Jewels is a repeat tonight, I just flipped the channel to Iron Chef. And life is suddenly back! Yeah, I’m cheap I get extremely entertained by it! So what? Hey, I actually planned on driving up to South Dakota to check out Mount Rushmore. I’ve never been there. But the stinking gas prices, man… it’s just too much to deal with! I mean, I think twice about even just going to the store to get some grocery items, y’know? It’s pathetic!

But right now, I’m just waiting for Good Eats to come on. It’s one of my favorite food shows. And for what it’s worth, another one that I watch all the time is Anthony Bordain’s No Reservation. But that’s tomorrow night! He he! I love that he goes around the world and never acts like a tourist or a chef. He hangs with the locals, eats with them and goes where the tourists don’t. I hope to one day be able to travel like that. Just bring a back-pack and a camera, and dive into the unknown. I’m eyeing on China and India for starters. Italy, maybe. Only because I love the food. But culture is what I’m looking for. To discover. To learn. To appreciate. To accept. To be! Yeah, I wanna travel. I wanna be a traveler, not a tourist! Oh well… someday. one day. Hopefully.

Speaking of travel… next week, I’m driving up to Jackson Hole. Ha! That should do it for now, I guess. It’s about 7 hours drive from Cheyenne, I think. Not too bad. I look forward to it even though it’s work-related. I’ll be there all week for a conference. Although I doubt if I’d be able to swing by Yellowstone even for a short while. Too bad. I’d be busy as heck during the entire event. The weather should be perfect though. I flew out there in January and it was like… uh, negative 25? Or something like that! It was torturous! And you couldn’t see a thing due to white-out conditions. I was just glad I didn’t drive.

Anyhow, I’m rambling. Okay, I was only suppose to take a bathroom break during the commercials but found myself blogging on my way back to the TV. Weird, I know. But that’s me sometimes. Okay, okay… most of the time! Fine! But Iron Chef is back, I think. And it looks like Bobby Flay is about to clean house… so, I gotta go.

But I’m hoping your Memorial Day weekend is much more eventful than mine.