Just a piece of wood

Les Paul Jimmy Page Model For some reason, I came home from work today wondering if I’ll ever get to own the only thing I’ve ever dreamed of owning – a Honeyburst 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard! Just out of the blue! The feeling’s kinda like my dad’s dream of owning a ’55 (or was it ’56) Thunderbird. I mean, it could sound pathetic but this guitar, really, has been haunting my thoughts since I was 15. The real thing (there are re-issues, mind you) costs around six grand… and it’s just a piece of wood. But time only makes this work of art more and more expensive. And the longer I wait, the more it’s gonna cost me. Uhhgg!!!

I’ve owned many guitars throughout the years, and even have a few left laying around here that I use for recording purposes… but whenever I stumble upon a picture of this beauty, it’s like, uh… there’s just no satisfaction! What a thorn!

And I’m not getting any younger either, y’know? I really could see myself ending up with nothing left in my possession but this piece of wood (in a good quality hard case, at least). Yeah! Like a true bluesman, a bohemian traveler, a hobo looking for the next place to jam. Oh yeah!

But then again, my dad’s dream never came true. It’s a scary thought.

Oh well, at least I can go strum on my other piece of wood… a gorgeous Martin! Life’s not that bad after all.

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