Indian summer

Man, has it been hot for you this weekend or what? It’s probably not as bad as it is for other places like Phoenix or Dallas, but it really gets annoying when you’re up in the rocky mountain region and it gets in the 90’s. I miss the snow, I tell ya!

Anyhow, I was gonna mention that a few days ago, I stumbled on my high school’s website. Gee, when I was in high school, it’s like… what’s a website? And it brought me back to those days when we were cheering our basketball team to silly anthems like “The Fight Song,” “The Victory Song,” and the one that really stood out for me… “The Indian Yell!” I remember it being so bold and great and all. I was proud! Especially when we were winning, it made all the more sense. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t now as it used to. I don’t know if it’s time or what, but the website had an audio copy of the song, so I listened to it. Gawwwwd!!! It was awful! That rendition just made me wanna puke! It was so silly, they were probably using a drum machine to recreate its infamous drum riff that was as memorable as “We Will Rock You!” It sounded so mechanical and had no feeling! The cheering squad was drowned in deep ridiculous reverb you couldn’t understand what they were saying. Maybe it’s just the recording engineer in me. I don’t know, but… yes, I’m gonna stop being critical now. Thank you.

Frontier Days '07But the reason I mentioned this is that because this weekend, we kicked off an annual event here in Cheyenne called Frontier Days. It’s a fair that has an indians and cowboys type of thing that celebrates the old west, and it happens every last full week of July. It’s a big rodeo event too. The biggest in the country, in fact. But they also have the big acts in music coming out to play. So I went to check it out, just like I did last year. This time though, I brought a camera to see what I could take back home with me. Well, I was able to shoot a little bit but it was torture. Yeah, if it wasn’t for the temperature being in the mid-90’s, I probably would’ve stayed all afternoon and shot some more. But I couldn’t last more than an hour before passing out. So I left and missed the rodeo. Oh well, I can’t see myself on a rodeo event anyway. Can you?

But at least, I got me some pictures just walking down Frontier Park. No, it wasn’t a walk in the park at all because of the heat, but the Indians were definitely worth the short stroll.

So, enough said… check out the pics!

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