Feeling unplugged

Okay! Time for another music blog. Time to let the music do the talking, once again.

unpluggedBack in the summer of 2005, I recorded a few cover tunes, as I had been running dry on creativity. I included the Thin Lizzy classic, “The Boys Are Back In Town,” since it was one of those tunes I used to play live, at open mic nights. Unplugged! It was sort of unique to play it with an acoustic guitar, as it is truly well-known for being a rock anthem (I can imagine it being blasted in an Irish pub). But people seemed to liked it a lot.

I originally wanted to record it, 50’s doo-wop style. After all, if you listen closely to the original, the vibe is pure R&B (blame it on Phil Lynott! 😉 ). But, I couldn’t pull off anything soulful enough, to pass as doo-wop. So…

Hey, let’s all raise our Guiness Stouts, and sing along, shall we?

Uh one, uh two, uh one, two, three, fohhh…

6 thoughts on “Feeling unplugged

  1. You have an extensive repertoire. Good job!

    If I only remembered the lyrics everytime, I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself too much. 🙂

  2. Whenever I feel lost or sad I am coming here and playing some music. It will most assuredly do the trick. Thanks

    You’re very welcome. Mi casa su casa. 🙂

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