Daydreaming again

This morning, I sat on my chair and stared at the ceiling while listening to the sound of my clothes dryer spin like a guitar tremolo being whacked out of control. Not a very productive time, perhaps. But I worked hard all week so, I guess, I deserve this time to daydream a little.

Yeah, you know… sometimes, I do that. Sometimes I find myself wishing for stuff. Wishing for no reason. Just passing time, really.

Sometimes, I wish for the impossible to be possible. Sometimes I wish for the ridiculous to make perfect sense. Sometimes, I wish for mountains to move. Just for giggles.

Right now, I wish…

  1. that passwords didn’t exist
  2. that everyone had x-ray minds
  3. that locks were a thing of the past
  4. that currency was a myth
  5. that peace was a fruit from a four-foot tree, available anywhere, all year round
  6. that breathing air causes a big belly laugh and/or a sincere smile
  7. that a job means cooking a meal for the whole neighborhood
  8. that we paid our energy bills to the sun
  9. that there was an “International Anthem” (with a tasty guitar solo break in the middle, of course)
  10. that Jimmy Page would kindly donate one of his Gibson Les Paul to me (Is that too much to ask, btw?).

But alas, this ain’t the Garden of Eden, is it?

K, time to fold my clothes.

2 thoughts on “Daydreaming again

  1. I wish that life wasn’t so hard for so many people. And I wish I could beat my son at Guitar Hero – just once.

    Good luck on such a tough job! 🙂

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