Funny Rich Man

I seem to not have a reason to post this at all. The SES prompt for this week was a wee bit tricky for me. Believe me, I tried. But since I’m writing a song and not a story or a poem, it has to be presented in a recorded performance format. I think I got distracted by The Donald’s mugshot and couldn’t get the image out of my head. You really could do other things with the “Funny Rich Man” theme… it could even be a sad story, I think. But I was stuck with having to come up with something of a comedic nature. Something I’m not very good at. And when you attempt to write lyrics with a funny tone, it gets even harder when you have to put melody on top of it and sing it in a convincing manner. I just don’t have the stomach to go on with it without feeling silly or stupid. I couldn’t get away with it like Weird Al can.

So, here’s my incomplete offering. Just words. It’s suppose to be sung in a campy, novelty, over-the-top, rap rhyming style. Whatever that means. I’m sorry, I really just couldn’t pull it off. So again, for what it’s worth, here’s my chicken scratch…

Funny Rich Man

I got money, lots of money
I got humor and a Maserati
The top comes down, it’s cool, you dig
But I keep it up ’cause wind blows my……. papers

Now I’m boss ’round here, thought you should know
You don’t ask question, I run the show
Stick with me and you’ll go places
Do as I say and you’ll get your wishes

‘Cause I’m a funny rich man
That’s what I am
I’m a funny rich man
Rich and funny

You say you feel tired, it’s all in your head
We got work to do, take a break when you’re dead
‘Cause if you wanna work for my company
Better know our Mission… “It’s all about me Me ME!”

Now it ain’t so bad as you might think
We’re all laid back here (and I go wink wink wink)
They all like me here, and I like them folks
But when I try to act smart they better laugh at my jokes

‘Cause I’m a funny rich man
That’s what I am
I’m a funny rich man
Rich and funny

That’s right… Uhhh!!! Now, take it to the bridge!

© 2008 Chris Alma Jose

Oh, by the way, I wanted the music and groove to sound a bit like 70’s funk. With a James Brown feel (btw, the band didn’t take it to the bridge, and they all got fired in the end). Unfortunately, it ended up sounding more like David Bowie, I think. So, I had to stop. Here’s a sample clip. Please, don’t laugh!

5 thoughts on “Funny Rich Man

  1. Unfortunately, it ended up sounding more like David Bowie, I think.

    Yes,it’s got a ‘Fashion’ flavour, essence to it.
    The vocals are Tom Waitish, which is cool.



    I was actually thinking of the song “Fame” if you’re familiar with it. It’s got that funky riff. And Tom Waits? Oh no! I was trying to sing cartoonish, actually. If you can call that Tom Waits.

  2. I think you are far too hard on yourself. That riff alone is to die for. I know it was an incredibly difficult prompt but I would really like to see you develop this. I agree about the ‘Fame’ feel. Chris, please don’t let that riff go. I am in love with it. I am an old funk fan from way back. Excellent work.

    It might be a little too late to use the riff on Funny Rich Man but I sure will find a way to use it in some other prompt. Thanks for your encouraging words, Selma.

  3. I couldn’t get in the groove for this particular prompt, I tried. It was a tough one wasn’t it? Anyhoo…the pic of the Donald is always worth a few LOL’s eh?

    I think it’s very unique, putting your prompt offerings to music, well done! G

    Yeah, this one’s tough for me. Well, you can’t nail it everytime, I guess. At least, I can’t. But thanks.

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