Look to the Light

looking to the light
You look to the light and go blind
For it is meant to direct your path, not negotiate
Its power is beyond your grasp
Its wisdom beyond understanding

You look to the light and you miss it
For light exists only in the dark
And whenever you claim your eyes can see
You unknowingly confirm your own blindness

You look to the light and pay the price
For showing disrespect and lack of awe
There are places no one must ever go
And lines no one must ever cross

You look to the light and die a slow death
For you dare to defy the truth of truths
A speck of dust is all that you are
And pride becomes your downfall

You look to the light and are no more
Forever gone and cast into oblivion
One day no one will ever remember
That there was once a dark in the light

©2008 Chris Alma Jose | Image from Flickr

9 thoughts on “Look to the Light

  1. i like the fact that you were able to equate the light with something that is not always the “bright” side.. very nicely done,,

    It’s got a spiritual tone to it. Just a little on the dark and angry side.

  2. Well, I will always remember there was a dark in the light – your spirit and creativity has made a huge impression on me. I like the new look and the new vibe. Very nice. I am very grateful for your participation in the prompts. It means a lot.

    I just love hangin’ out with a talented crowd. It inspires growth and progress. At least, it does me. Thanks for the chance to participate and learn.

  3. maybe the title should be dark in the light? without darkness, how can we know to find light? or is it life?

    Yeah, but it’s kinda cliche to use the subject as a title, don’t you think? ‘Cuz I’m basically saying goodbye to the ol’ Dark in the Light theme of my blog. Oh well… thanks, anyway.

  4. This is a very interesting view of the prompt. There are many truths in your words Chris; I enjoyed reading (and re-reading) this work, very much. Well done! G

    Thank you, G!

    Yes. It’s the truth in art form. Meaning, I have to present it in a not-so-straightforward manner. Even make it sound ironic at times, just to make people go… Huh, say wot? 😀

  5. Cool ‘against-the-grain’ interpretation of the dark/light binary. It (your poem)’s great as it is,but I’d like to see it redone as a villanelle


    That’s interesting, David. I might just consider doing a villanelle some other time. When I really mean to do one. But, thanks.

  6. I love the poem – the in your face spirituality has a lot of energy, and it has a rap / dj spin feeling in many places – very compelling!

    A rap/DJ spin? No! Actually, there was rhyming when I started writing the piece being that I was trying to write a song. But since I settled for it to be just a poem, the rhymes bothered me, so I rewrote it without any. And yet, you still can feel the groove? Wow… I must really have some rhythm then.

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