Jesus Wants My Soul Back

jackdaw4You can already hear the campiness of the song just in the title itself.

But Jackdaw4 is more than just campy, I think. I’ve been listening to this London-based outfit for a couple of years now after being introduced to their music by die-hard listeners on They’re quite a unique bunch in this age of predictable pop. But then again, maybe it’s just me. My biggest influences are Queen and the Beatles, and any artist that succeeds in blending the two genre together wins my approval right off the bat.

Here’s a video of another one of their awesome song, Frobisher’s Last Stand, done live. Check them out as they recreate the studio version’s lush harmonies of this song on stage. Brilliant!

2 thoughts on “Jesus Wants My Soul Back

  1. I love the new song, Beautiful Game! Thanks for giving it away for free, Jackdaw4. I also want to thank Willie and the band for the amazing album that is Bipolar Diversions. It’s my top 5 favorite albums of all time!

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