Say a prayer for the fallen star

I may have deep roots when it comes to music and could be partial when talking about certain influences like Alice Cooper, Queen, Zep, Kiss and the Beatles – but honestly, if I had to pick one CD to play for the rest of my life, and nothing else… my definite pick would be Spilt Milk, by the incredible yet short-lived group, Jellyfish. I mean, the album has all of the ingredients I love in music, period. The awesome guitar, big sounding stand-up drums, the mesmerizing melodies, the Queen-like harmonies and yes – Magical Mystery Tour, revisited. Old-fashioned, yet very modern. Avant-garde yet power pop. They are, by far, my favorite band of the 90’s. And their second album is an absolute masterpiece of an artwork. A Rembrandt, in my book.


Can you tell I joined the fan club?

I love this song so much I could even tolerate a cover of it by some Japanese teen group.

Hmmm… I have a feeling I’ll be posting more of Jellyfish and Jellyfish-related groups in the near future. It’s a good thing.

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