Songs about Heaven, part 5 (Someday)

agua!There comes a time when all there is left to feel is sorrow.

Have you been there, my friend?

I mean, the kind that never ceases. Or so it seems. I know it may sound cliche but it’s true. It happens. And if it hasn’t yet, it’s just a matter of time, I’m afraid.

It’s quite ironic too, sometimes, that the discomfort can, in fact, make you feel numb. And lost, too. You forget who you are. The real you. And worse, the people you know and care about, you forget who they are, as well. Yet, there seems to be no way out. You have wandered away from where you belong and your eyes have failed to show you the way back.

Though, a glimmer of hope never fails to reveal itself, in due time. Yes… always in due time. Ready to offer some comfort like an oasis in the desert, it leaves a reminder that all will be well, one day. You may not know when this will be, but the gift of hope carries you through your journey in the hot desert sands of life. The cruel sun may pound on your restless soul like hammer on a nail, but you keep walking as you stare into the horizon. Every step, taking the pain. Accepting the pain. You keep pushing through. With your dream, in tow. A dream that someday… someday, you’ll be home.


Change these colors of blue and grey
I can’t stand it anymore
The sun keeps rising on the wrong side of town
Ooh, don’t you walk out that door
I can’t breath, I can’t, I can’t see
I call out your name
It’s alright you say, I can’t wait
I will be home someday

Have you been there ooh my friend
Searching high and low
Imagine closely a painless world
How can you say no

Don’t you run, don’t you, don’t you hide
Don’t turn your back away
It’s alright you say, I can’t wait
Oh please come home someday

Let me take you to a land
With no castles in the sand
While there is still time
Oh won’t we do it today
Let me carry you away
From the scene of the crime

Take this rainbow away from the dark
Clear these clouds away
Let me smell your roses again
Send forth the light of day, yeah
Cuz I can’t breath, I can’t… I can’t see
And I call out your name, yeah
It’s alright you say, I can’t wait
I will be home
I will be home
Yes, I will be home
I will be home someday

©2000 Chris Alma Jose

5 thoughts on “Songs about Heaven, part 5 (Someday)

  1. This was so sad Chris. Yes, I’ve been there many a time. Does it ever end? Hopefully in the next life. But holding on, waiting out the storm, usually does bring the sunshine again. Older and wiser (hopefully) we continue on to the next experience. Your poem/song is so touching. G

    It’s only human to go through a spiritual/emotional storm. We’re all bound to go through one, in one way or another.

  2. sounds like an ’80’s ballad which is a good thing, since I like ’80’s music

    okay, now you make me feel a little blue listening to this…

    Oh, so sorry… 😦

  3. Sorry you’re feeling sorrowful, hon, but what a beautiful song. You are fortunate to have the gift of music to sustain you. I would love to live in a painless world but I fear it is an unreachable dream. Don’t be sad.

    Oh no! I’m okay, really. I was just trying to say the song is about the reality of life. That we all go through hardships, though somehow, hope always offers relief. If we are willing to take it, that is.

    But I appreciate the concern. 🙂 Thanks.

  4. don’t know if you have left a comment on my blog in the “nocturnal embrace” post or not – if that is you, you should consider turning on your Blogger profile and adding a web page link or starting a blog that redirects to your wordpress blog – just a suggestion from your nosy blogger neighbor

    enjoy your day

    Oh, so sorry… 🙂

  5. I love this Chris..lovely lyrics and the singing is perfect for the emotional aspects of the work..Can I get this for my mp3..tell me how..cause I want it for my walks.

    You bet… right here!

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