Get the skunk out

subNo, not that skunk, silly. I mean, Ska-Punk! Sublime, that is! Them good ol’ Long Beach, CA exports from the 90’s.

I just love their music. It’s so ummm… organic? No no no, you know what I mean! And the band’s a trio, but hardly a power trio. Their songs have simple but soulful reefs… err…. riffs. Like three incredibly passionate musicians jamming in a garage. No frills. Just smokin’ chops. I mean… oh, nevermind.

Geez! Can you ever describe these guys without the pun getting in the way?

Oh well… just do yourselves a favor and check out some of my favorites, from their catalog.  I say, they’re dope! Gaaaaaahhh…

R.I.P. Brad Nowell.

One thought on “Get the skunk out

  1. i am totally into sublime.. i don’t think they have a song i don’t know the words to…

    i am really enjoying this concept blog… i will have to keep an eye on what you are offering over here..

    I don’t know many people that are into Sublime! You definitely got my attention now. I hope you enjoy it here. It’s gonna be as much a fan club as it is a musician’s forum.

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