Strike a poser

strike a poseWhen I first heard Soundgarden‘s Jesus Christ Pose, from their CD Badmotorfinger, I thought it was blasphemous. Then I learned that it was about Chris Cornell’s disdain for how magazine models are made to look like god figures. Or higher than mere humans kind of thing. He finds it distasteful, I guess. Though I think it’s safe to say, this goes along with them holier than thou characters and ego maniacs, too.

Well, what else is new in this world, huh?

But hey, the song rocks like it’s the end of days. I say, that’s righteous!!!

5 thoughts on “Strike a poser

  1. I don’t think it was about models in particular, more a criticism of celebrities in general? Found this quote from CC – “You just see it a lot with really beautiful people, or famous people, exploiting that symbol as to imply that they’re either a deity or persecuted somehow by their public. So it’s pretty much a song that is nonreligious but expressing being irritated by seeing that.”

    There’s a lot of versions to this story, I found out. But you’re probably right. Thanks.

  2. Irony being that he did some model a few years back…

    I love Soundgarden. Sigh.

    Oh, I didn’t know that! Besides, with his long hair and bare chest back in those days, he might as well have worn a fake crown of thorns.

  3. not my kind of music but the idea of musicians or celebrities as gods? fans worship, I mean really worship these celebrities and they even go out of their way to get close to them, I don’t remember where I heard this from, maybe from that star trek documentary, but I recall a star trek fan buying someone’s cup of drinking water even though he had the flu when he was using the cup, is that ridicules or what? what fans won’t do….

    They can get real out of control about it, I know.

  4. Chris, thanks for visiting my music blog, I was inspired by your blog, this blog that is, to restart my music blog again, music is one of my passions even though I can’t play any instruments

    also, I am testing out blogging at wordpress, not even sure how to do much at the moment

    anyway, thanks for the visit.

    You bet! I’ll be sneakin’ back soon.

  5. Well, I get the model thing but I do think Chris Cornell is a rather god like figure himself. I have loved that guy for years.

    Yeah, me too. Even today, he’s still iconic as ever.

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