Paint me a song

blue chicksMy taste in acoustic guitar music developed during the 90’s. Before then, I was just your average headbanger who dabbled with everything else every now and then. But acoustic guitars seemed to have made a big comeback after a decade of dominance by the Jacksons and the Marshalls and the AquaNets. I used to acquire a new acoustic every couple of years. At one time I had six different ones. But I still have four left today, thank goodness.

One of the groups I had always admired that played acoustic music was the Indigo Girls. I remember gigging at coffee houses around Venice Beach in California and playing a set of their tunes. Something about their music always grabbed my attention. They’re very simple yet deeply poetic and emotional. They sound very personal and close to the heart. One song I’ll never forget is Closer to Fine. It’s one of my favorite acoustic songs of all time. When you listen to it, it feels like the words and melodies/harmonies transform into oil on canvas. Like it’s painting the song, and you can hear every brushstroke. Weird, I know. I just don’t know how else to describe it.

3 thoughts on “Paint me a song

  1. I misread and thought you said, giggling instead of gigging, I don’t recall anyone using that word, gigging, how odd some words can be

    I like the sound of the acoustic guitar as well, if I would to attempt at an instrument it would be my first choice

    I sort of remember “Closer to fine”, I know of the Indigo Girls, I really like their take of “Midnight train to Georgia,” (the live version) somehow that always makes me nostalgia, though I have never been to Georgia, I don’t think I know what acoustic really means but I guess you can call this live version acoustic

    Will you be talking about the current music you are listening to? I know you like rock. For me I am trying to post about more recent music but somehow always ended up talking about past music, I guess I just can’t digest newer music without comparing to the older ones

    Haven’t you heard of the word “gig” before? It’s slang for a job or work, depends on whether it’s used as a verb or a noun. It’s mostly used in the entertainment business though.

    Yeah, they’re from Atlanta, GA. I lived there for a while a few years back. They’re pretty iconic there obviously.

    And yes, I do talk about the current music I listen to. I posted about my current fave Jackdaw4 and L.E.O. I’ll post some more later. So much music, so little time.

  2. I did heard of gig, but never heard anyone say, gigging, which sort of sounds weird to me

    anyway, I guess we have different taste, cause I never heard of Jackdaw4 or L.E.O., gonna have to check back your older posts

    You’ll hear this word mostly around a circle of musicians. If you’re not hanging out with working musicians or entertainers, you’ll hardly hear it. And speaking of my taste… no, I listen to some stuff you listen to also, it’s just that lately I have been searching for music other than what is normally played on the radio. Jackdaw4 and L.E.O. aren’t that popular because you don’t hear them on the radio. I search for new music mostly on the internet, like pandora or They play stuff you’ve never heard of and that’s how I discover new music.

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