Still here

Have I suddenly fallen off the face of the Earth? Of course, I have!

But why? Well, I’m not so sure why. Or rather, I’m not so sure if my answer would make any difference. One day, I was typing away as usual. The next day, my PC was shut off. And it’s been off for over a month now. For some reason, I had lost interest. I couldn’t write a single word. I couldn’t whistle a single note. Sometimes, it boggles me. It’s not that something’s happened. I mean, my life seems as normal as it has ever been. Nothing’s changed much, really. I just feel out of it, I guess. All of a sudden, I got lazy, overwhelmed and distracted. Over nothing! Or so, I think. But my creative juices have dried up, it seems.

I didn’t think it would last this long, though. In fact, I didn’t think this post would mark the end of the streak, either. But at least, I’m able to tell all of you that I’m still around. I’m just trying to heal from the wounds of the past, that’s all.


Though I can’t believe, a lot has happened since. It’s fall. It’s snowing. Halloween came and went. There’s a new president, even? Wow, where have I been?

Okay, I’ll tell you where I’ve been. Paris! No, not the real one… but dang! That fake Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas sure looks real. No? Well, I’ve never seen the real one so I really can’t compare. All I know is that I had fun, at least. Vegas is so different now from the last time I was there. That’s when Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci still ruled the strip. And the food was cheap! Sigh!

Anyhow, I feel bad that some of you may have been wondering and that I have not left a clue. I’m so sorry. Sometimes I just have to do what I have to do to stay sane. If that makes any sense.

But like I said, I will be back. You’ll wait, won’t you?

7 thoughts on “Still here

  1. where ever life takes you, you should just go with whatever you feel is right

    I did wonder if maybe you have gotten yourself a real life outside of blogging and that you are happy and enjoying it

    but sometimes we all need a break from blogging, from the people, from everything but it’s good to know nothing bad had happen to you

    good luck in whatever you’re are doing

  2. I’m glad you’re OK too. Take as much time as you need. I am considering doing the same thing myself for a bit. There’s no need to apologise. You have to look after YOU first. And of course we’ll wait. Take care!!!

  3. Happy New Year Chris and hope to see you over at My Poetic Path soon. I have a book challenge posted right now, perhaps you will want to take part. Hugs,G

    Thank you, Geraldine. Hugs to you too. I’ll definitely stop by soon.

  4. I understand completely about needing to take a break from the computer and do something different for awhile. I need to do that periodically myself. Right now, I’m in a phase of posting mindless drivel, but I hope that will change soon.

    Happy New Year, Chris!

    Good to hear from you Bonnie. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ll go visit you soon. And happy new year to you too!

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