Love happens

There was a post on Facebook I read yesterday about the reality of loss and how life goes on without stopping for even a moment to mourn with you. It is a hard thing to swallow sometimes.

From my own experience, you really never stop caring for someone you’ve invested so much of your heart on. You don’t stop missing them either. Those people that have touched your life and made a difference in you. They may not be here anymore – perhaps due to divorce, death or life simply steering you separately into different directions – but they will continue to be a part of who you are until the end.


I remember my best friend in school, my first wife and some close relatives. I still feel the same way towards them, as I did in the beginning, even when we’ve already gone our separate ways. The love I had for them will always remain even when my life now is so much better. I am blessed to be who and where I am now and a big part of that is due to the fact that certain people have made me that way.

I believe that loves never leaves. It is pure. It is organic. Sure, it may sometimes be stagnant, or maybe in hiding… but it’s always there. If it feels like it went away, it may not have truly been there at all. It could have been something else… but certainly not love.

Love happens. But it shouldn’t have to go on.

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